Southern Maryland Information

Southern Maryland is a great place to call home. We love calling it our home and created this site to help those in the community or those looking to move into the area have easier access to the area’s many resources. Our hope is that you find this resource center helpful.

About Southern Maryland

Located on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, the term, Southern Maryland, is often used to describe the most southern area of the state of Maryland. The following 3 counties are what is most often being referred to when you hear the term.

  • Calvert County
  • Charles County
  • St Marys County

Although it is not unheard of that the southern portions of Anne Arundel County and Prince Georges County can be considered part of this area as well.

The area is rich in history and agriculture. It is home to St. Mary’s City, the first colonial settlement in Maryland. The communities are proud of their historical sites and still have many Civil War sites that you can visit.  If you love history, seafood, water sports, and wineries this is definitely a place to consider calling home.

Calvert County

Of the 3 main counties of Southern Maryland, Calvert County has the smallest population. Some may think that is a bad thing, but for others, they don’t mind it at all. For more detailed information on the local government and the general goings on of Calvert County, please click here.

St Marys County

St Marys County is home to a wide variety of community members and a long list of events and services offered. The county has the following 3 naval bases:

  • “Pax River” – the largest of the 3 and officially named Naval Air Station Patuxent River
  • Webster Field
  • Coast Guard Station St. Inigoes

The county also has a populations of Amish and Mennonite. The Amish maintain dairy and produce farms and other small businesses that benefit the community.

For access to the updated list of local events, be sure to check out the St Marys county community calendar and official website. Their site also is a great resource for more information that residents, businesses and tourists should check out.

Over time we will be adding more local resources for all to enjoy. Including more information regarding local small businesses.